How do Zagat “Best of” lists work?

Can anyone out there tell me why places like Rosso and Emilia’s, which top the Zagat ratings for best pizza in the San Francisco area…

2014-10-31 zagat pizza Best Places in San Francisco   Foodie  Nightlife   Shopping News

…get snubbed in some “Lists” such as “Best Pizza in the SF Area”, “Best Pizza in the East Bay”, and “Top Food in the East Bay”:

2014-10-31 zagat Best Pizza in the SF Area   Zagat2014-10-31 zagat Best Pizza in the East Bay   Zagat2014-10-31 zagat Top Food in the East Bay   Zagat

…but, do get included in other lists like “Best-Buy Sleeper Restaurants in the SF Area” and “Best Pizza in North of SF”:

2014-10-31 zagat Best Buy Sleeper Restaurants in the SF Area   Zagat 2014-10-31 zagat Best Pizza in North of SF   Zagat

[and while I’m here – what’s the deal with the cost they show?  UPN is more like 3x the cost of Emilia’s.]

Five Year Flashback, Saturday 9/13. Support LeConte PTA.

Today is our 5th Anniversary.  Emilia’s Pizzeria opened in 2009 – 9/9/9, to be exact (if somewhat arbitrary).  Back then, iPhones only worked with AT&T, and you could buy a slice of Emilia’s pizza for just a buck.  To celebrate and show our appreciation, we’ve decided to relive that bygone era by bringing back the $1 slice for a one-day-only event this Saturday, 9/13.  But, there’s a dramatic twist!  We figured, as long as we’re going to be losing money – let’s lose all of it!  So, the money will be donated to the PTA at our local public school, LeConte Elementary.
4pm until 9pm, or supplies run out
$1 a slice, or more if you’re feeling generous
No reservations
2 Slices per person limit
Paper plates only

All of which is subject to change without notice or reason

Emilia's Pizzeria sign, circa 2009

Emilia’s Pizzeria sign, circa 2009

12 May, 2014 16:52

This week’s schedule: Open Tuesday 5/13 through Saturday 5/17. #pt6d